Who we are

October 29, 2017

Hi there!

I felt it was important for you to get to know who we are and what qualifies us to speak about the outdoors. The answer to the latter is simple; we just love the outdoors and were born with mouths! Below you can get to know us a bit more!

Walter Lee

I am the host of Chasing Tales Outdoors and a long time outdoors-man. I grew up like many young hunters do; chasing small game with my father in Southeast Georgia. When I hit 16 I began deer hunting with a hand me down .44 caliber lever action my grandfather owned and it wasn't until I met my mentor that I got into archery. He had a shop out back where he had an old recurve bow and leather quiver full of handmade cedar arrows, and I spent many summer days hearing of stories of his time back in California chasing coyotes and other small game with the bow. He encouraged me to take up the stick and string and that fall I bought a Bear recurve and the rest was history. I am now a bow only hunter and live for chasing big game with the stick and string. I started this podcast to bring together hunters from across the world to share stories and experiences and relive the wonders of the outdoors. I sure hope you enjoy listening as much as I do recording these for you.