April 10, 2018

Turkey Hunting:Turkey and Conservation with The True Conservationist

This week, we introduce Tyler Ross, also known as The True Conservationist. Tyler is an avid conservationist who not only works in the conservation arena, but also dedicates his off time to creating a dialog and community for folks to discuss conservation issues we face. Tyler has created the Closed Facebook group, Talkin' Conservation, where a large group of like-minded folks talk conservation. 

I was fortunate enought to meet Tyler through the podcast, and on this episode we introduce who Tyler is, and the work that he and I will be doing together. In future weeks, expect small segments from tyler where we will discuss conservation topics relevant to today or from the past that impact today. Be sure to join his facebook group, and follow True Conservationist on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/trueconservationist/

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